HOOFsmart Bookshelf – Hoofcare Basics

blue and green books clipartIs your farrier or hoof trimmer doing a good job? Does your horse have hoof health issues that have gone unrecognized? These books provide the information you need to become an educated consumer of hoof care, to begin learning to perform a basic hoof trim, and beyond.

If you only read one book about hoof care, choose:

The Sound Hoof: Horse Health From the Ground Up

This sensible, straightforward, factual book equips a horse owner to be an informed consumer of hoof care services from a trimmer, farrier, or veterinarian.  With chapters on normal and abnormal anatomy, whether or not to shoe, reading the hoof, hoof care research and theory, navicular disease, laminitis and founder, and an 11-point assessment of hoof health, you’ll feel confident about evaluating the hoof care your horse receives, whether provided by a professional, or by you!

If you’re interested in learning to trim your own horses’ hooves, you’ll want to read:

Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care

Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You

These two books are excellent companions, with each one covering barefoot hoof care from a slightly different perspective.

Horse Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas provides a basic reference for whole body anatomy, with excellent illustrations.

And finally, these books give more in-depth information about various lameness issues such as navicular disease, laminitis, and founder.

The Lame Horse – symptoms, causes, and treatments for common unsoundness issues, generously illustrated with drawings, photographs, and x-rays.

Understanding Laminitisrecommended for owners dealing with a laminitic or foundered equine.  Generously illustrated, moderately technical, will help owners understand the disease process and communicate with veterinarians and farriers or trimmers about hoof care during recovery.

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