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Foundered hoof with casting material and packing

Preventive treatments cryotherapy and supporting at-risk hoofs with packing and casting are featured in an article about laminitis in the ‘Daily Racing Form’:

Vets Gain Ground against Disease Suffered by Paynter and Barbaro

“Veterinarians don’t just look to the foot when tackling laminitis. They carefully consider the underlying cause and then try to stabilize that cause, Orsini said. And today, they are applying therapies aggressively to at-risk horses, not just to those showing acute signs of laminitis, said Dr. Bryan Fraley, a farrier and veterinarian whose Fraley Equine Podiatry is affiliated with Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Kentucky.

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What are some of the specific hoof health issues for which Equicast is recommended? Read the rest of this entry »

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Equicast is a powerful tool for rehabilitating horses with damaged feet – increasing your horse’s comfort while improving his hoof form and function and helping him to heal.

Equicast used to heal a quarter crack

Equicast is used to eliminate quarter cracks.

What is Equicast?

Equicast is an open-weave knit bandage soaked with plastic resin that hardens on contact with water, similar to the material used to create Fiberglas casts for broken bones. It is used with adhesives, padding, and reconstructive resins to create custom-molded therapeutic hoof boots that stay put, breathe, and don’t bruise or rub.

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