Performance and corrective hoof trimming

Providing professional hoof care supporting the development of a balanced, functional, and physiologically correct hoof – whether your horse already has healthy hooves, or is starting from a compromised hoof form.  Experienced at adjusting trimming strategy to achieve your goals for your equine partner, whether to promote positive changes in hoof form, or to promote soundness on challenging terrain.

Navicular and founder rehabilitation

Experienced at working from x-rays and at trimming to correct the pathological hoof forms associated with navicular and founder.  Horses with these issues often benefit from Equicast or hoof boots with padding to equalize pressure on the sole and frog, and to encourage a heel-first landing.  These tools can play an important role in keeping your horse comfortable while he heals.

Transition to barefoot

Although many horses can transition from shod to barefoot without added protection, Equicast or hoof boots can be fit to your horse’s feet to stabilize fragile hoof structures or to protect thin soles while the hoofs strengthen and develop the ability to function bare.

Hoof boot fitting

Common sizes in a variety of hoof boot brands and styles are on hand for fitting and trial, including EasyBoot Bare, EasyBoot Glove, EasyBoot Boa, Cavallo Simple, and Renegade boots.

Management of the insulin resistant equine

Let me put the studies and research of Katy Watts and Dr. Eleanor Kellon, DMV, to work for you and your horse.  These pioneers in the fields of equine nutrition and managing insulin resistance in equines have amassed the information you need to help your insulin resistant horse thrive. I’ll work with you to put together a sensible, practical management plan and an affordable, mineral-balanced, carb-controlled diet that is healthy for all horses but essential for managing insulin resistant equines.

Hoof trimming instruction and workshops

One-on-one trim coaching by the hour, and one- or two-day hoof trimming workshops. Design a custom workshop or choose Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners 101 and 102 – one-day workshops combining classroom activities, trimming demos with Q&A, and hands-on trim sessions. Host a workshop at your barn, and attend for free!


Prepurchase evaluations of hoof health and soundness, and trim checkups and photo consultations for owners learning to trim their own horses.

Complimentary Presentations

Contact me about speaking at your next horse club or organization meeting.  Available topics include: learning to trim healthy or compromised hoofs, recognizing a healthy hoof, transitioning to barefoot, reversing hoof contraction and long toes/underrun heels, rehabilitation from navicular syndrome and founder, conditioning bare hoofs for performance and competition, in-depth hoof anatomy and function, selecting and fitting hoof boots.

Contact me to make an appointment, or to inquire about any of the services offered.