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young donkey gelding

My noggin is itchy, please give me a skritchy!

Thinking you might need an adorable donkey? Jack wants to meet you!

Jack has been raised as a livestock guardian and does his job well with larger goats. Owners have a new batch of frisky young dwarf goats and Jack doesn’t quite know what to make of them, so owners are looking to find a loving home for Jack.

All about Jack:

Yearling standard donkey gelding, light grey with a blaze face and white spots. Gentle, halter-broke, leads, a real people donkey with his family, can be skeptical about strangers. Owners planned to train Jack to drive and ride, he has been well-cared for, handled quite a bit, and he loves attention.

Contact me for more photos or information, and please pass this along to anyone who might want to meet Jack. Jack is located in Huntsville, AL.



front view of a horse's hoof

Is this a normal, healthy hoof? This hoof is not symmetrical - the hoof wall on the left side of the photo is more upright, while the wall on the right side of the photo is slanted outward.

Author, veterinary pathologist, and  authority on equine biomechanics and anatomy Dr. James Rooney, DVM, says yes – and no.

Left and right hooves are often symmetrical images of each other mirrored across the center line of the horse’s body, yet are not symmetrical across their own center lines.

Look at the photo of the hoof on the left. Is this a right hoof, or a left hoof? (Answer below.) The inside wall of most horse hooves appears steeper, while the outside wall has a more gradual slope.

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blue and green books clipartBuy these books to create an instant starter library if you’re a new horse owner!

Whether you’re new to the horse game, or are returning after a break, these readable, user-friendly books provide a broad base of information on caring for your equine and on safely interacting with him on the ground and from the saddle.

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Safe-Guard 10% fenbendazole suspension dewormer for cattle and goats(updated 07-13-10)

Planning a safe and effective parasite control program for your horse should include a consultation with a veterinarian. This article is not a substitute for a consultation with a veterinarian.

Safe-Guard dewormer for cattle and goats, which contains 10% fenbendazole in a liquid suspension, can also be used to deworm horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys – both at the single dose rate and at the fenbendazole purge dosage.  The fenbendazole or Panacur purge is a double or purge dose of fenbendazole, the active ingredient in Panacur horse dewormer, administered once per day for five days in a row.

The fenbendazole purge deworming regimen for horses specifically targets encysted small strongyles. Small strongyles pose a serious health risk to your horse, and are not affected by most dewormers while in the encysted state.

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