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Use the links below to learn about some of the more popular makes and models of hoof boots available for barefoot horses:

  • manufacturer websites – where you can purchase hoof boots and find selection guides, information on sizing, and handy hints, tips, and how-to videos. Many hoof boot manufacturer websites also have hoof trimming how-to tutorials and videos!
  • buy or sell hoof boots online – equine supply stores online that carry hoof boots and online marketplaces where you can buy or sell used hoof boots
  • Yahoo forums that discuss the ins and outs of hoof boots for riding

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map of horse trails in bankhead national forest

This map of the horse trails in Bankhead National Forest, Lawrence County, Alabama, shows the three main trail loops, roads, parking areas, trail mileages, and water sources.

Follow the directions below to make your own pocket (or saddlebag) size waterproof map of the designated horse trails at Bankhead National Forest.

  1. Print the pdf document linked below.
  2. Fold in half crosswise and lengthwise, with both maps facing the outside.
  3. Seal the folded map in a sandwich-size plastic zipper bag
  4. Stow the map in a pocket or saddlebag
  5. Hit the trail!

Print this pocket-sized, double-sided mini map of Bankhead Forest horse trails.

The trails marked on the maps linked above are designated horse trails, located in the Black Warrior Wildlife Management Area, Bankhead National Forest, Lawrence County, Alabama.   Read the rest of this entry »


The photo below shows a closeup view of a hoof with a fairly advanced case of white line disease. The infection has destroyed the inner unpigmented layer of the hoof wall, leaving behind a v-shaped slot between the dark-colored outer wall and the yellowish white line.

Because it is difficult to medicate the active disease at the top of such a deep cavity, the hoof wall has been cut away and diseased tissue has been removed.

labeled photo of hoof infected with white line disease

White line disease is an infection that can attack and destroy large areas of your horse’s hoof wall.

Click to view larger photo.

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Read the articles linked below to learn about different theories on White Line Disease – the micro-organisms involved, other contributing factors, and effective treatments.

Various approaches have been used to explore the causes and processes of this disorder.  Scientists have tried to identify the micro-organisms involved and to artificially create the disorder in healthy horses to explore contributing factors – often with inconsistent and conflicting results.  The articles below cover some the most commonly-mentioned studies, discussing the methods used, and the results and conclusions.

Management of White Line Disease
By Stephen E. O’Grady, DVM, MRCVS

Taking the Mystery out of White Line Disease
By Dr. Richard Shakalis & Dr. John Pautienis

Examining White Line Disease
By Dr. Michael A. Ball, Michael Wildenstein and Sang Shin

White Line Disease – What is it?
By Richard Dunivant

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sorel snowlion boot
Sorel Snowlion Snow Boot (

These bad boys are marketed as snow boots, but they make killer winter muck boots as well.  I’ve worn them for an hour or two of barn chores, every day through one and a half winters so far, and they have reliably kept my feet comfortably warm and dry even on the coldest, soggiest days.

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