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mule wearing a crown

For four days at the end of March, the mule is king in Columbia, TN. Don’t miss Mule Day this year, Thursday through Sunday, March 29-April 1.

The Mule Day festival features a variety of mule competitions and activites – you’ll see mules pulling, riding, racing, and driving. You’ll see saddle mules, gaited mules, mini mules, draft mules, and a mule parade.

$8 admission, free on Sunday
$15 for a weekend pass
under 12 free

Other activities during the festival include: Arts and Crafts Show, Flea Market, Concessions, Camping, and Live Music.

Visit the Mule Day website for more a detailed schedule of events and all the info you need to plan your visit!


front view of a horse's hoof

Is this a normal, healthy hoof? This hoof is not symmetrical - the hoof wall on the left side of the photo is more upright, while the wall on the right side of the photo is slanted outward.

Author, veterinary pathologist, and  authority on equine biomechanics and anatomy Dr. James Rooney, DVM, says yes – and no.

Left and right hooves are often symmetrical images of each other mirrored across the center line of the horse’s body, yet are not symmetrical across their own center lines.

Look at the photo of the hoof on the left. Is this a right hoof, or a left hoof? (Answer below.) The inside wall of most horse hooves appears steeper, while the outside wall has a more gradual slope.

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