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Hoofjack Hoof StandIf you’re thinking about buying a Hoofjack to make trimming your horse’s hoofs easier – now’s your chance to get in on a great deal if you’re in the North Alabama area!

Marguerite McClintock, a local businesswoman who attended the last HoofSmart Hoof Trimming for Horse Owner’s workshop, is organizing a one-time discounted group purchase of Hoofjacks directly from the manufacturer. Read the rest of this entry »

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hoofjack hoof stand

A hoof stand holds up a horse’s feet so you don’t have to!

Using a hoof stand when trimming your horse’s feet can save you time, energy, and wear and tear on your arms, legs, and back.

How do I use a hoof stand?

Use the links below to watch hoof stand how-to videos:

Watch a video about hoof trimming using a Hoofjack hoof stand.

Download hoof stand how-to videos or request a free DVD by mail from Hoofjack.

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two hoof raspsTrimming hooves is hard work and requires a fair amount of strength, so why not make it easier by treating yourself to a nice, sharp, high-quality rasp?  Lower quality rasps cost less, but aren’t very sharp even when new, and quickly get even duller with use.

Which rasp to choose?

I’ve been using Heller Legend 14” hoof rasps for some time, but Bellota, Simonds, and Wood-Miller brands are also excellent quality at reasonable prices – ranging from the Simonds Black Master at around $25 each to the Wood-Miller at around $17.  Bellota and Heller Legend rasps are in the middle of the pack, at around $20 each. The higher priced rasps in this group tend to stay sharp through more trims, so you get what you pay for.

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