About HOOFsmart

Leitha_with_demo_horseThis website grew out of a desire to develop an information source for horse owners with questions about hoof care and horse care.  I’d love to hear from you – please contact me to inquire about services offered, to ask questions or comment on the website, or to suggest topics for articles.

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I offer a variety of horse-related services, both locally in the North Alabama area, and via internet and telephone consultatations:

– Providing professional hoof care supporting the development of a balanced, functional, and physiologically correct hoof

– Featuring an informed, rational, moderate approach to hoofcare

– Incorporating tools, techniques, resources and information drawn from barefoot trimmers, farriers, laminitis researchers and forage and equine nutrition specialists

– Using humane, sensible, respectful horse handling techniques

– Serving North Alabama and surrounding areas

– Offering the following services:

  • Performance and corrective hoof trimming
  • Navicular and founder rehabilitation
  • Transition to barefoot
  • Training you to trim your horse’s hooves
  • Hoof boot fitting
  • Equine nutrition and diet balancing
  • Management plans for the insulin resistant equine
  • Hoof trimming coaching and clinics
  • Complimentary presentations to horse groups