Hoof Trimming Clinics

Demonstrating trimming technique during a workshopNow offering hands-on clinics designed to introduce horse owners to the basics of hoof trimming!

What will you learn?

Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners 101 is a one-day clinic that delivers the fundamental concepts and skills needed to trim a healthy, well-maintained hoof using a rasp and a hoof stand, and to check hoof balance using the sole as a guide.

What is covered in the HTHO 101 classroom and demo sessions?

  • Hoof care perspectives – the big picture
  • Hoof anatomy inside and out
  • How often to trim
  • Splits, cracks, and flares
  • Safety
  • Tool tips and techniques
  • Backing up the toe
  • Scooping the quarters
  • Beveling or rolling the hoof wall
  • Checking your work

With continued practice and occasional guidance from a professional, hands-on participants who complete the Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners 101 clinic should be on their way to becoming self-sufficient in the hoof care department.

Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners 102 builds on skills learned in the 101 clinic – covering trimming with angle grinders or nippers and hoof knives, and the basics of adapting your trimming plan and goals to meet the needs of different horses. The 101 course is not a prerequisite for the 102 course – horse owners who have been working and studying on their own should fit right in.

Although the two clinics can be combined back-to-back to create a two-day course, 101 students may benefit from time to practice and get comfortable with rasp and hoof stand before moving on the 102 material.

What is the general format of the one-day clinics?

  • classroom time with a mix of activities
  • short break
  • more classroom time and random fun
  • break for lunch
  • hoof trimming demonstration with Q&A
  • short break
  • hands-on practice – each participant trims at least one hoof from start to finish

Auditors participate fully in classroom activities and trim demo, and observe during the hands-on trimming session.

Who should attend?

The Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners clinics are suitable for horsemen and women young and old – for those new to horses as well as the old hands who can never quite get all the horsehair out of their car. The material is presented in plain language appropriate for ages 10 and up. Classroom and trim demo sessions are a lively mix of learning activities and interactive demos designed to suit a variety of learning styles.

Whether your goal is to touch up trims between visits from a professional or to take over hoofcare duties for your herd entirely, these clinics will get you started off on the right foot – er, hoof!

Not quite ready to pick up a rasp yet? Audit a clinic to become a more educated consumer of hoofcare services – learn about healthy hoof anatomy and function, how to decide when your horse needs a trim, and how to recognize a balanced trim.

Can you bring your horse?

Depending on clinic host and facilities, most clinics will have gentle demo horses available on-site for hands-on trim practice and will also allow outside horses to be trailered in.

Is there a clinic coming up soon?

Clinics are announced on hoofsmart.com as they are scheduled. You may also contact me for information about upcoming clinics near you, or consider hosting a clinic yourself.

There’s a clinic for that….

Contact me to inquire about private instruction or customized one- or two-day clinics covering advanced hoofcare topics such as:

  • transitioning to barefoot
  • reversing hoof contraction and long toes/underrun heels
  • rehabilitation from navicular syndrome and founder
  • conditioning bare hoofs for performance and competition
  • in-depth hoof anatomy and function
  • choosing and using hoof boots
  • application of Equicast.

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