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Using foam board to measure for hoof bootsHave you been thinking about hoof boots, but aren’t sure how to measure your horse’s feet so you can choose the correct style and size? Try using foam board to make hoof imprints, then measure the imprints instead of the hoofs themselves.

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EasyCare hoof boot upgrade flyerHave some hoof boots lying around that you no longer use or are the wrong size, but haven’t gotten around to listing them on ebay?

Thinking about trying a different style of EasyCare hoof boot?

The EasyCare Hoof Boot Trade-in Program may be just what you need! Send in your old pair of hoof boots and receive 50% off a brand new pair of EasyCare hoof boots. (The boots you send in must be riding boots, not soaking or therapeutic boots.) Send in four glue-on boots (must be other than EasyCare glue-ons) and receive 50% off four new EasyCare glue-on hoof boots.

Visit the EasyCare website for complete details on the EasyCare Hoof Boot Trade-In Program!


Oxine AH gallon jug(updated 08-02-14) Oxine AH is a powerful and economical weapon against topical fungal and bacterial infections of the hoof and lower leg – such as thrush, white line disease, and scratches. Use the supplies and instructions listed below to treat your horse’s feet with Oxine AH. Read the rest of this entry »

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Use the links below to learn about some of the more popular makes and models of hoof boots available for barefoot horses:

  • manufacturer websites – where you can purchase hoof boots and find selection guides, information on sizing, and handy hints, tips, and how-to videos. Many hoof boot manufacturer websites also have hoof trimming how-to tutorials and videos!
  • buy or sell hoof boots online – equine supply stores online that carry hoof boots and online marketplaces where you can buy or sell used hoof boots
  • Yahoo forums that discuss the ins and outs of hoof boots for riding

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Equicast is a powerful tool for rehabilitating horses with damaged feet – increasing your horse’s comfort while improving his hoof form and function and helping him to heal.

Equicast used to heal a quarter crack

Equicast is used to eliminate quarter cracks.

What is Equicast?

Equicast is an open-weave knit bandage soaked with plastic resin that hardens on contact with water, similar to the material used to create Fiberglas casts for broken bones. It is used with adhesives, padding, and reconstructive resins to create custom-molded therapeutic hoof boots that stay put, breathe, and don’t bruise or rub.

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