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Whoa-Ga! book coverSaturday June 15, 2013     9am-3pm
Sunday June 16, 2013     9am-3pm
Happy Apple Stables    New Hope, AL

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Racing Thoroughbreds at Arlington Park

From Fran Jurga’s Hoof Blog today:

“Of course you have never taken the Thoroughbred athlete for granted, but after watching this 48-minute documentary, you’ll be in even more awe of the complex biomechanics and physiology of the running Thoroughbred. Anyone who’s squeamish in a dissection might want to skip over this, but you’ll miss a lot!”

Watch the entire documentary online for free, via the link at:

Inside the Thoroughbred Racehorse: Just Watch This!

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Diagram of Equine Lower Leg, showing Suspensory Ligaments

Suspensory ligament (above fetlock) shown in dark purple. Anterior branches of suspensory ligament (below fetlock) are light purple.

Read up on equine suspensory ligament injuries and anatomy in the free downloadable 20-page booklet ‘Suspensory Ligament Injuries in Horses’ from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine – written for horse owners and for horse professionals.

The booklet is generously illustrated with drawings, photos, and ultrasound images showing the anatomy and function of the equine suspensory apparatus in health and in injury. Read the rest of this entry »

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front view of a horse's hoof

Is this a normal, healthy hoof? This hoof is not symmetrical - the hoof wall on the left side of the photo is more upright, while the wall on the right side of the photo is slanted outward.

Author, veterinary pathologist, and  authority on equine biomechanics and anatomy Dr. James Rooney, DVM, says yes – and no.

Left and right hooves are often symmetrical images of each other mirrored across the center line of the horse’s body, yet are not symmetrical across their own center lines.

Look at the photo of the hoof on the left. Is this a right hoof, or a left hoof? (Answer below.) The inside wall of most horse hooves appears steeper, while the outside wall has a more gradual slope.

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Improve Your Riding
Learn Biomechanics with Colleen Kelly

Friday evening biomechanics presentation at the Ramada Inn on Hwy 96 in Arrington TN, this Friday evening, Apr 2, at 6:30pm for $45.  It’s a 2-hour session that may run longer.  Please check with PeachTree Farms on group rates for Pony Clubs or 4-H groups.  Rates for lessons on the registration form linked below.

Auditing is $50 for both days or $30 for one day.

April 1-3 at Peachtree Farms

P.O. Box  97
Arrington TN 37014

COLLEEN KELLY Registration Form


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