Save 50% with the EasyCare Hoof Boot Trade-In Program

EasyCare hoof boot upgrade flyerHave some hoof boots lying around that you no longer use or are the wrong size, but haven’t gotten around to listing them on ebay?

Thinking about trying a different style of EasyCare hoof boot?

The EasyCare Hoof Boot Trade-in Program may be just what you need! Send in your old pair of hoof boots and receive 50% off a brand new pair of EasyCare hoof boots. (The boots you send in must be riding boots, not soaking or therapeutic boots.) Send in four glue-on boots (must be other than EasyCare glue-ons) and receive 50% off four new EasyCare glue-on hoof boots.

Visit the EasyCare website for complete details on the EasyCare Hoof Boot Trade-In Program!