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sorel snowlion boot
Sorel Snowlion Snow Boot (

These bad boys are marketed as snow boots, but they make killer winter muck boots as well.  I’ve worn them for an hour or two of barn chores, every day through one and a half winters so far, and they have reliably kept my feet comfortably warm and dry even on the coldest, soggiest days.

You’ll want to use a bootjack to take them off, because the boot tops are on the tall side, and mine tend to be so muddy that I don’t want to put my hands on them to pull them off.


The rubber foot is waterproof, while the polyurethane-backed ripstop nylon upper is described as water resistant.  However, I’ve slogged through ankle-deep mud and waded across streams in them and haven’t yet felt a leak.  The 1/3-inch-thick removable felt liners keep your feet and legs toasty warm on frosty days – but don’t seem to overheat you when temps are in the fifties.  For a big, chunky, slip-on boot, they are surprisingly comfortable for walking, with good arch support.


Sizing runs a bit large on Snowlions, so consider downsizing unless you’re planning to wear them with super-thick socks.  I usually wear a size 7.5 to 8 in women’s shoes – the pair I bought is a size 7. (They don’t come in half sizes).  I could wish for them to be a little wider through the toes, but otherwise they fit and feel great.  The tops come up to about 5” below my kneecaps, so about mid-calf length.

Where to Buy

I bought my pair, slightly used, from a Michigan Craigslist site, for around $40 + shipping, a little less than half the price from online stores.  They often show up on ebay, and are available from plenty of online stores, including,, and

Your mileage may vary, so shop wisely, and read online user reviews like those at and  If you buy used, you can probably stick them on ebay and get most, if not all, of your money back, if you decide they’re not for you.

Sorel Snowlions at


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