You don’t know Jack!

young donkey gelding

My noggin is itchy, please give me a skritchy!

Thinking you might need an adorable donkey? Jack wants to meet you!

Jack has been raised as a livestock guardian and does his job well with larger goats. Owners have a new batch of frisky young dwarf goats and Jack doesn’t quite know what to make of them, so owners are looking to find a loving home for Jack.

All about Jack:

Yearling standard donkey gelding, light grey with a blaze face and white spots. Gentle, halter-broke, leads, a real people donkey with his family, can be skeptical about strangers. Owners planned to train Jack to drive and ride, he has been well-cared for, handled quite a bit, and he loves attention.

Contact me for more photos or information, and please pass this along to anyone who might want to meet Jack. Jack is located in Huntsville, AL.