Information for Clinic Hosts

Hoof trimming demo during a workshopThinking of hosting a ‘Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners’ clinic, but need to know more?

Why would you want to host a hoof trimming clinic?

If you would like to learn basic hoof trimming skills, but can’t find a hoof trimming clinic near you, deciding to host one is the surest way to make it happen!

As the host, you attend the clinic for free, plus have one horse trimmed for free. These and additional considerations are negotiable, depending on number of attendees and division of labor.

Hosting a hoof trimming clinic is a wonderful opportunity to build community awareness of your horse-related business, whether you’re a boarding facility, riding instructor, trainer, or equine bodyworker.

Because we’ll cover topics such as how to recognize a balanced hoof, a clinic also serves to educate your students and clients about hoof care issues that can stand in the way of achieving performance goals – so you can concentrate on what you do best; managing daily care, training, teaching, or bodywork.

Are you involved with a horse-related non-profit organization? A hoof trimming clinic could be a great fundraiser! Ask me about special considerations for non-profit organizations.

What’s the minimum number of attendees? Is there a maximum number?

Ten hands-on participants is the minimum and the maximum, though one or two more or less may not be a deal breaker. Arranging for a second experienced trim coach for the hands-on session would allow more full participants if there is space to accommodate them. Number of auditors is limited only by space available.

What facilities are needed to host a clinic?

For classroom activities and lunch – seating for 15-20 attendees (seating at desks or tables preferred), 4’x6′ whiteboard or a place to hang one, bright lighting for reading and writing.

For trim demo – A round pen or small arena works well, depending on number of spectators. Good lighting for photos and video, room for spectators to move if demo horse gets antsy.

For hands-on trimming session – Arena, wide barn hall, or five 12′ x 12′ individual stalls or pens. Good lighting, with enough open space for observers to safely move past and around horses as they are trimmed.

Horses and stalls – One gentle, tolerant horse for the trim demo session, and several more for the hands-on trimming session if needed. Safe, clean stalls or pens for visiting horses brought in for hands-on trimming

How much work is involved?

What the host usually does:

  • Arrange for facilities.
  • Help with publicity.
  • Greet and guide clinic attendees.
  • Other tactical support during clinic.

What I do:

  • Create clinic flyer, registration forms, info packet.
  • Help with publicity – email flyer to contacts, announce clinic on website, provide online access to flyer, forms, and info packet.
  • Handle pre-registration and regular registration.
  • Provide classroom materials.
  • Present classroom lecture and activities.
  • Perform a demo trim with Q&A.
  • Coach clinic participants during hands-on trim session.

And then there are some negotiable tasks:

  • Setup and cleanup.
  • Provide or arrange for lunch, drinks, snacks.
  • Ask corporate sponsors to donate door prizes (coupons, gift cards, product samples) in exchange for promotion.
  • Arrange for one or more helpers during clinic.

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