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Wondering whether you’re feeding a surplus of supplements? Are your ponies at a healthy weight, or are they a little too roly-poly? How much hay does a horse need, anyway? Now’s a great time to learn the answers to those questions and more.

Through Jan 23, 2012, Dr. Eleanor Kellon is offering a buy one get one free special on ALL of her online classes on equine nutrition and management. Free course to be same length as the purchased course – 10 week course or 2.5 week short course.

If you’re interested in equine nutrition, NRC Plus is the course you’ll want to start with.  You can read samples of the NRC Plus lectures here and here. I’ve taken NRC Plus and Nutrition as Therapy among others, and can highly recommend these courses. The money I’ve saved on feed and supplements since taking these courses has covered the cost of tuition several times over.

To take advantage of the BOGOF – when you sign up for a course, leave a note in the instructions or comments box, or send Dr. Kellon an email after you’ve registered. You may take the free course yourself, or offer it to someone else!

10-week Courses

NRC Plus
Nutrition As a Therapy
Nutrition for the Performance Horse
Nutritional Case Histories
Management for Pregnancy and Growth
Cushings and Insulin Resistance
Understanding Bloodwork
Neuro and Muscular Disorders
Arthritis and Other Lameness
Comprehensive Care of the Older Horse
Basics of Reading Radiographs
Feeding the Dog and Cat

Short Courses


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