Dr Bowker, Dr Kellon to Speak at Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance Conference

No Laminitis Conference T-shirt 2011

No Laminitis! Conference
August 5-7, 2011
DeMario Farms, Chittenango, NY

The Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance Group (ECIR Group), an internet based group for horses with Equine Cushing’s disease and Insulin Resistance, recently announced plans for the First Annual No Laminitis! Conference to take place on August 5-7, 2011, hosted by Black Horse Consulting in conjunction with DeMario Farms, Chittenango, NY.

NO Laminitis! has always been a central theme of the ECIR Group. Laminitis is often the first sign that leads to a diagnosis of Equine Cushing’s disease or Insulin Resistance and was once considered a death sentence.

Since its inception in 1999, the ECIR Group of volunteers have helped owners to recognize how endocrinopathic (hormonal/metabolic) related laminitis can be prevented. With membership coming from around the world, the ECIR Group will exceed 10,000 during the summer of 2011. More information about the ECIR Group may be found at www.ecirhorse.com

Keynote speakers for the No Laminitis! conference will be Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD, Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD and members of the ECIR Group Support Team. Lecture topics will include Diagnosis and Treatment of Equine Cushing’s disease and Insulin Resistance, Physiology of the Equine Foot, Trimming the Laminitic and Foundered Hoof and Balanced Nutrition.

Dr. Kellon is co-owner and moderator of the ECIR Group and principal of Equine Nutritional Solutions, Robesonia, Pennsylvania. Kellon is an authority in the field of equine nutrition as well as conditions affecting Equine Cushing’s disease and Insulin Resistance. She is one of a handful of experts in the field of applications of nutraceuticals for horses and the veterinary Editor for The Horse Journal. For more about Dr. Kellon, her research and interests go to: www.drkellon.com

Dr. Bowker directs the Equine Hoof Lab at Michigan State University’s Vet Faculty and has recently established The Corona Vista Equine Center, in Pleasant Lake, Michigan. As a research scientist and educator he has made multiple contributions to understanding the dynamic and functional architecture of the equine foot. Dr. Bowker lectures and writes on understanding hoof function and how to improve the health and condition of the equine foot during disease conditions such as laminitis, founder and navicular syndrome. For more about Professor Bowker, his research interests, and publications, visit http://pathobiology.msu.edu/people/bowker.html and Corona Vista Equine Center.

The ECIR conference kicks off early the evening of Friday, August 5, 2011, and continues to mid-afternoon Sunday, August 7, 2011. Conference cost is $175.00 which includes Friday night Meet and Greet and Saturday BBQ. Attendees who register by June 30, 2011 will receive a $25.00 conference discount.

Major Benefactors helping to support this event are Auburn Laboratories, HorseTech, Omega Fields, Soft-Ride Boots, ThrivingPets.com, Triple Crown Nutrition, and Uckele Equine Nutritional Products.

Complete conference details may be found at www.nolaminitis.org or through Cindy McGinley, Black Horse Consulting at (315) 289-2030.

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