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Hoofjack Hoof StandIf you’re thinking about buying a Hoofjack to make trimming your horse’s hoofs easier – now’s your chance to get in on a great deal if you’re in the North Alabama area!

Marguerite McClintock, a local businesswoman who attended the last HoofSmart Hoof Trimming for Horse Owner’s workshop, is organizing a one-time discounted group purchase of Hoofjacks directly from the manufacturer. Read the rest of this entry »

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Horse Hoof Anatomy - Cross section view

Check out this amazing database of equine anatomy photos from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, designed to accompany ‘Rooney’s Guide to the Dissection of the Horse’.

Please note: The images in the database are photographs of dissected cadavers. The database and images associated with these pages are intended for use by veterinary professionals and may not be suitable for all individuals; parental guidance is advised.

Enter the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Equine Anatomy Photo Database

To begin browsing the database, click the large red button labeled ‘Search the Database’ on the home page of the database.

For anatomy photos of the equine hoof and lower leg – choose [Chapter 6: Forelimb] from the Select Chapter drop-down menu.


Using foam board to measure for hoof bootsHave you been thinking about hoof boots, but aren’t sure how to measure your horse’s feet so you can choose the correct style and size? Try using foam board to make hoof imprints, then measure the imprints instead of the hoofs themselves.

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EasyCare hoof boot upgrade flyerHave some hoof boots lying around that you no longer use or are the wrong size, but haven’t gotten around to listing them on ebay?

Thinking about trying a different style of EasyCare hoof boot?

The EasyCare Hoof Boot Trade-in Program may be just what you need! Send in your old pair of hoof boots and receive 50% off a brand new pair of EasyCare hoof boots. (The boots you send in must be riding boots, not soaking or therapeutic boots.) Send in four glue-on boots (must be other than EasyCare glue-ons) and receive 50% off four new EasyCare glue-on hoof boots.

Visit the EasyCare website for complete details on the EasyCare Hoof Boot Trade-In Program!


front view of a horse's hoof

Is this a normal, healthy hoof? This hoof is not symmetrical - the hoof wall on the left side of the photo is more upright, while the wall on the right side of the photo is slanted outward.

Author, veterinary pathologist, and  authority on equine biomechanics and anatomy Dr. James Rooney, DVM, says yes – and no.

Left and right hooves are often symmetrical images of each other mirrored across the center line of the horse’s body, yet are not symmetrical across their own center lines.

Look at the photo of the hoof on the left. Is this a right hoof, or a left hoof? (Answer below.) The inside wall of most horse hooves appears steeper, while the outside wall has a more gradual slope.

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